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Some words to describe me: observant, joyful, analytical, silly, serious, delighted, and dazzled with life 


Writer, Editor, Artist, Poet, Freethinker, Wife, Mother, and (one-day) birth worker.


Ever since I can remember, I was enacting a story. When I was 8, it was with the pile of stuffed animals on my bed.  When I was 10, it was dancing to Shania Twain music videos in the living room. And once I got my first was filled with processing all I could about the life around me. I've discovered the distinct pleasure of scratching pen to paper--or now keys to laptop--to construct the language needed to understand my inner world. 

Copywriting and editorial work is what I do to pay the bills. I've always been wired to nit-pick whatever website, pamphlet, blog copy, or study I get my eyes on. 

I find satisfaction in crafting the order, claims, and bones of a writing piece. I often start writing work by asking the question: what does this reader need to know? What does this story need to reveal? And, in what logical sense does this information need to be presented? 

Asking these questions keeps me thrilled and focused. But, my practice of poetry and abstract paiting are what keep me the most alive + inspired. You'll notice flecks of my interest in the messy, inexpressible parts of life across all my creative endeavors. 

What I do

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My first poetry collection, "The Faces We Make at Ourselves" explores the mundane moments of life + how they intertwine with the Divine. You can read a portion here

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"Rather, be patient, and make room always for those oddities that are your own manner, your own voice. 

Your own voice."

Mary Oliver

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